Bess’ Pedigree


Bess passed away in June 2015.    She is  very much missed!

She was by Ken Arrendale’s Mac out of David Henry’s Beryl. She was very stylish, a tremendous natural outrunner with pace, power and superb stock sense. She was the 2005 Virginia Border Collie Association’s (VBCA) Open Ranch Champion and was very successful in Open. Bess’ lines went back to Longton’s Tweed, ##Longton’s Bess, #Bwlch Taff, Tom Wilson’s Imp. Roy and McPherson’s Tweed.  Hips: Cornell rated excellent. Eyes clear and CEA DNA tested Normal.

Pups from the cross with Tweed have proven successful on the trial field and in agility (my Moss, Emily Falk’s Gabe, Bill Wilder’s Russell, Terri Lee’s Vette, Diana Wilkins’ Java)

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video footage compliments of Denise Wall


2014 Rural Hill SDT – 3rd and 16th out of 90 dogs
2014 Frontrunner SDT – 2nd
2014 Crooked Oak SDT – 2nd and 4th
2014 NC State Championships – 7th out of 75 dogs
2013 Rural Hill SDT – 5th
2013 Edgeworth Open – 2nd and 8th
2013 National Finals competitor
2012 Rural Hill SDT – 2nd
2012 Edgeworth Open – 3rd
2012 80 Acres – 9th out of 115
2011 Bluegrass Classic – Best Drive award
2011 USBCHA National Finals competitor
2011 GSDA Winter SDT Open winner
2011 Shoofly Farm SDT Open winner
2010 Edgeworth Open 5th & 6th
2010 USBCHA National Finals semifinalist – 13th in first round
2010 Kingston Sheep Dog Championships 7th in second round of 120 and Top 15 Double Lift finalist
2009 Water Cress Farm SDT Open winner
2009 Lexington Open SDT 2nd place
2009 Edgworth Open SDT 4th and 8th
2009 NC State Championships Open winner
2009 Shaker Village SDT 2nd place
2008 Broken Back Farm SDT Open winner
2008 Rural Hill Farm SDT 3rd place
2008 Water Cress Farm SDT 3rd place
2008 Shaker Village SDT Open winner both days out of 68 dogs
2007 Rural Hill Farm SDT Top Twenty Double Lift Finals Reserve Champion; 4th place in first round of 75 dogs.
2007 USBCHA National Finals competitor
2007 Edgeworth Winter SDT Open winner
2007 Seclusival SDT – 3rd place (50 dogs)
2006 USBCHA National Finals competitor
2006 Rural Hill Farm SDT – 2nd place (87 dogs)
2006 Seclusival SDT Open winner
2005 USBCHA National Finals competitor
2005 Bloomfield SDT Open winner and Double Lift finalist
2005 VBCA Open Ranch Champion
2004 USBCHA National Nursery Finals competitor