3/15/04 – 9/21/11

Tweed’s pedigree
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It is with a heavy heart to report that my sweet Tweed was euthanized on September 21, 2011 after suffering an irrepairable spinal injury after a fall in a ditch while working sheep in preparation for the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals. He underwent extensive spinal surgery at VRCC in Denver, CO, but the surgery was not successful and after over two weeks post-op, he was still paralyzed and had no bowel or bladder function. His quality of life was greatly compromised and so I chose to send him to be with his sire.Tweed was a great companion and had the best qualities of both his parents. He had Rook’s natural outrun, great pace, biddability, power and feel for stock along with Zoie’s mental toughness, drive, courage and stamina.In September 2006, Tweed competed at the USBCHA National Nursery Finals and as well as placing 11th in the first round, he was also awarded the prestigious Ralph Pulfer Memorial Award for the “Most Promising Young Dog”.

Frozen semen is available to proven bitches only. Hips Cornell rated good. DNA CEA Normal.

I am so proud of the Tweed x Bess pups (my Moss, Emily Falk’s Gabe, Bill Wilder’s Russell, Terri Lee’s Vette, Shannon Ciccarelli’s Java) who are all excelling on the trial field and in the agility arena.

Tweed&I RPA w
Christine and Tweed winning the “Most Promising Young Dog” at the 2006 USBCHA National Finals

Video of Tweed by Denise Wall of Stilhope Digital


2011 Kingston SDT at Grass Creek Open winner (124 dogs)
2011 Butternut Creek SDT – 5th out of 98
2011 Mad River SDT overall Open Champion
2011 NC State Championships Double Lift finalist
2010 Edgeworth Open SDT winner
2009 Edgeworth Open SDT winner
2009 Kingston Sheep Dog Trial – 10th in Double Lift Finals (10th in first round out of 140 and 15th in second round of 138, 5th overall combined).
2009 Bluegrass Classic – 10th in Top 20 Double Lift Finals (11th in first round of 134, 19th in second round of 133, 8th overall combined)
2009 Twin Oak SDT Open winner
2009 Climax SDT – 2nd
2008 Lexington SDT Overall Open Champion
2008 USBCHA National Finals semi finalist (13th in first round of 150)
2008 Edgeworth Winter SDT – 2nd Open
2006 USBCHA National Nursery Finals “Most Promising Young Dog”
2006 USBCHA National Nursery Finals – 11th in first round
2006 Bluegrass Classic Open Ranch winner
2005 FrontRunner SDT Nursery winner