Imp. Jimmy

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photo by Clint Boze









Imp. Jimmy  ABCA #421256    DOB:  4/10/07

“Jimmy is a very committed dog with quiet clean power, always giving 100% at trials and at farm work regardless of the demands from handler. He is very stylish dog with great balance, has the skill to hold and move the most difficult sheep no matter the circumstances, never sticky at anytime even with a dog that has so much style and hold on sheep. He is a good out runner on both sides, always on his feet when working, is a very good listener and quick to respond to commands. He is also is a first class shepherds dog, a great asset at lambing time and has the ability to adjust to trialing without additional training. His nature and makeup is equal to his proven ability. He has won and placed in numerous Open trials as well as:
Northern Ireland Nursery League Champion
Irish National team three times out of last 4 years.
Irish Driving Champion twice out of last 3 years.
Irish World team 2014″ – Aidan Gallagher

Jimmy ended the 2015 – 2016 USBCHA points standings in 12th place.

Hips British graded equivalent of OFA excellent. BAER tested Normal.  CEA. IGS and TNS Normal. Brucellosis Negative.  Proven producer in UK, Europe and the US

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Video of Jimmy at the 2016 Bluegrass Classic